About Us

Simmering Center, Inc. is the corporate name of our new agency. The Campus, NOW known as the Simmering Center was started in 1991 and built by Council of Churches of the Ozarks and was first named Tri-Lakes Sigma House. One individual from the community, Larry Simmering was extremely instrumental in the evolution of recovery services in the community and making this center a viable organization. Eventually the facility name was changed to Larry Simmering Recovery Center in recognition of his contributions to recovery. Now, proudly, the facility is named SIMMERING CENTER, INC. This campus is located at 360 Rinehart Road, Branson, and was built by a group of local benefactors that supported this Council of Churches building project.

This new Simmering Center, Inc. was formed in October, 2015. Much time and effort has been donated now for over a year in order to reopen the facility and establish an alternative life style for all who wish to live and grow in a clean and sober environment. Simmering Center, Inc. is governed by a diverse Board of Directors which sets the direction for all staff and programming. Services are available for all residents of Taney and Stone Counties, but are not limited to these counties. “Symptom Stabilization”, formerly known as social setting detox, is available as a Private Pay Service.  

Simmering Center is staffed "round the clock", seven days a week by oversight staff. “Symptom stabilization” DETOX is customized for the need of each client. Before completing the 3 to 5 day stabilization a needs assessment will be offered. Recommendations from the needs assessment will be used to make referrals including admission to the housing unit.  

In the event a client is in need of medical care they are transferred to Cox Health Branson.  

Because some clients are admitted for “symptoms stabilization” only and depart once the effects of alcohol and/or drugs have dissipated, stabilization beds at the Simmering Center are paid for separately from the structured housing unit fees.    

In addition Simmering Center offers private pay "Structured Sober Housing" This revolutionary housing will be available for just less than three dozen men and women at any one time. Our more exclusive alternative structured housing differs from previous offerings because there is no limit as to length of stay subject to a weekly or monthly fees and continuous effort in recovery.  

Simmering Center will offer basic life skills training including computer skills, tips on job interviews, hygiene , financial, and budget basics. The goal will be to help residents with preparation for jobs within the greater Taney and Stone County areas. Aftercare includes access to basic needs and access to medical services and secure transportation to appointments as needed.  

Aftercare is provided by a coalition of agencies and services in Southwest Missouri. The services have formed an effective network to assist individuals in alcohol and drug addiction recovery as well as homeless, jobless and other underserved populations. Every resident at Simmering Center will have access to the coalition of agencies to meet basic needs, provide support for long-term abstinence and allow the clients to make their best effort to become productive and successful members of the community.